Knight Inlet Lodge

Search for Brown & Grizzly bears
at Knight Inlet Lodge

Thanks to its location in a completely unspoilt wilderness, Knight Inlet Lodge has built a well-deserved reputation over the years for being one of the best places on the planet for viewing brown or grizzly bears in their natural habitat. Nestled in the only protected cove on a 160km-long inlet for which the property is named, this remarkable floating lodge’s only neighbours are predominantly bears, mountain goats, otters, seals and eagles!

Guests at Knight Inlet Lodge are accommodated in 18 cosy, cedar-panelled ensuite rooms warmed by wood-burning stoves. All have views onto either Glendale Cove or the shoreline behind the lodge, often frequented by resident bears. The shared dining room is where sumptuous West Coast cuisine is served, along with fine wines and indulgent desserts. Often on the menu are locally caught crab, salmon and prawns, harvested fresh out of the waters of Knight Inlet.

Grizzly bear viewing is the prime attraction of course. This activity takes place from boats along the shoreline from May to mid-August and from specially built platforms alongside salmon spawning channels from mid-August to mid-October. Other activity options include whale-watching tours, rainforest walks and sea-kayaking.


How to get to Knight Inlet Lodge

Float plane transfers are available from Campbell River on Vancouver Island to Knight Inlet Lodge.

Activities at Knight Inlet Lodge

  • Bear viewing
  • Bird-watching
  • Kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Boat excursions

*Some activities are available at extra cost.

Knight Inlet Lodge Highlights

  • A lodge with a well-established reputation for excellent grizzly bear viewing
  • Set in a very secluded cove surrounded by unspoilt wilderness
  • Observation by boat or from special tree stands depending on season
  • Marine tours along Johnstone Strait to view whales, sea lions, dolphins and orcas
  • Wonderful hiking and kayaking opportunities

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Knight Inlet Lodge

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Canada Overview

Why visit Canada? Spanning the top of north America from the Pacific to the Atlantic, this huge country offers majestic scenery, unspoiled wilderness and incredible wildlife and adventure opportunities. At the same time Canada is a modern country with sophisticated cities, world class accommodation and excellent rail, road and air network.

When is the best time to visit Canada? From May to September is the best time for cruising and touring in Canada when the weather is at its finest. Temperatures and daylight hours vary depending on latitude, and the coast is more moderate than inland regions which have long hot summers and very cold winters.

Grizzly bear viewing is generally good from June until October and Polar Bear viewing around Churchill is possible from July to November. November to April is the time for winter wonderland experiences, skiing, dog sledding and the Northern Lights.

What can I combine Canada with? Alaskan holidays like Inside Passage cruising and wildlife viewing. Canada can also be combined with Arctic cruising and ice based adventures.

How do you get to Canada? Fly to Vancouver in British Columbia for west coast touring and cruising, or to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal or Quebec City for eastern Canada.

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