United Arab Emirates

Discover the vast dunes and Hajar Mountains of the United Arab Emirates. Enjoy Arabaian style dinners, luxury hotels and amazing night life.

For most travellers, when they hear about the United Arab Emirates they think Dubai. Which in fairness it true, a bustling city filled with iconic skyscrapers and palm-shaped islands there is plenty to see and do. But there is also more to the U.A.E.

Abu Dhabi is actually the U.A.E’s capital, and though modern as well, it is more of a cultural and leisure hub. Beyond the city lies the empty vast deserts and rolling dunes of the Empty Quarter. Here you will find an array of unique desert activities from horse-riding and dune safaris to Arabian style desert dinners and entertainment. East of these two cities, and far away from the beach resorts and endless city malls are the jagged peaks of the Hajar Mountains.

Best things to do in the U.A.E

Desert Dune Safari

Explore the expansive deserts of the U.A.E departing from either Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Drive through the endless dunes by 4WD marvelling at the unique scenery. Sunset and desert dinner safaris are also available in traditional Arabic style.

City Tours

The bustling Metropolis’ of Abu Dhabi and Dubai are a fascinating mix of old and new. Visit old forts, grand mosques and bustling souks (traditional market) that are intertwined with modern skyscrapers and huge shopping centres. Sunset Dhow cruises are fantastic way to end the day.

Luxury accommodation in Dubai

Below are some of our preferred accommodation options in the Dubai, carefully selected for their superior location, service and level of comfort. Please contact us for information on a full range of Dubai resorts or a hotel of your choice.

Madinat Jumeirah Resort

Consisting of three boutique hotels; Jumeirah Al Qsar, Mina A’Salam and newly opened Al Naseem, the prestigious Madinat Jumeirah Resort is styled to resemble an ancient Arabian citadel.

Burj Al Arab

The iconic, sail-shaped Burj Al Arab dominates the Dubai coastline and has 201 beautifully decorated suites with exquisite living and dining areas.

Luxury accommodation in Abu Dhabi

Below are some of our preferred accommodation options in the Abu Dhabi , carefully selected for their superior location, service and level of comfort. Please contact us for information on a full range of Abu Dhabi resorts or a hotel of your choice.

Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort

Rising up from the dunes of the largest sand desert in the world, the Empty Quarter, the 206 room resort is an oasis paradise 90 minutes from Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Palace Kempinkski

One of the most lavish hotels in the U.A.E, Emirates Palace offers un-rivalled luxury and is renowned for its excellent Arabian hospitality and service.

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U.A.E. Overview

Why U.A.E: The United Arab Emirates is a fantastic destination to visit, particular as a stop over to or from Egypt, Kenya or Tanzania. It is filled with fascinating cities, luxurious beach resorts and fantastic desert camps.

Climate: As characterised by its tropical, desert climate, the U.A.E is hot and dry for most of the year. Temperatures reach well over 40°C in the summer months, particularly between June and September. Similar to other Middle East climates, rainfall in irregular and brief. Temperatures are still warm during the winter months, but drop considerably at night.

Combine with: Both cities can be combined with a visit to Oman, Jordan, Egypt and Israel. They also offer an excellent place to stop and relax for a few days after an East African safari through either Kenya or Tanzania.

Getting there: Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the gateways for many Australia’s travelling to the Middle East, Europe, East Africa and Asia. Etihad (Abu Dhabi) and Emirates (Dubai) offer daily flights from Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane.

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