Aqua Expeditions

Sailing to new Destinations

A luxury river and yacht cruise line Aqua Expeditions offers adventurous expedition cruising to some of the world’s most pristine environments. Starting out in the Peruvian Amazon over 12 years ago the company has since expanded into South East Asia.




Aqua Nera

Setting a new standard for luxury river cruising on the Amazon, Aqua Nera draws design inspiration from the Peruvian Amazon’s mystical blackwater lagoons and bears the hallmarks of contemporary style and generous interiors that Aqua Expeditions cruise ships are known for.

Room on the Aqua Nera


Aria Amazon

The exclusive Aria Amazon combines the latest eco-friendly nautical technology with cutting-edge design, plying the pristine waters of the Peruvian Amazon inside the stunning Pacaya Samiria Reserve. This enormous sanctuary teems with iconic creatures including the resplendent blue-and-yellow macaw, three-toed sloth, squirrel monkey, giant water lily and tree frogs.   

Eastern Indonesia

Aqua Blu

Presenting a brand-new cruise experience in the pristine East Indonesian Archipelago, Aqua Blu is a long-range explorer yacht sailing the region’s most prized destinations, including Komodo National Park, Spice Islands and Raja Ampat on unforgettable 7- and 12-night itineraries.

Aqua Blu Special

The Aqua Blue Deck


World Class Dining

Soup on the Aqua Nera
Desert on the Aqua Nera


A three toed sloth in the Amazon Rainforest in South America



Enjoy kayaking and swimming in the Amazon’s warm, pristine waters while embraced by the lush tropical rainforest. Cycle around the community of Nauta in the heart of the Amazon using Aqua Nera’s own fleet of all-terrain bikes. Head deep into the wild on board low emission speedboats guided by experienced naturalists.

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