Privacy Policy

African Wildlife Safaris & Natural Focus

Updated: Friday, 29 March 2024

This document sets out the Privacy Policy of African Wildlife Safaris Pty Ltd, and the way we collect, store and use the personal information provided by you. The information provided to us and the way it is used varies from a general enquiry as opposed to the specific information provided by our clients who require us to make travel bookings for them. The information in this Privacy Policy may change from time to time.

Terminology and Principles
The terminology and principles in this Privacy Policy Agreement include:

  1. Privacy Act – refers to the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and any subsequent amendments.
  2. AWS / NFS / Us / We / Our / – African Wildlife Safaris Pty Ltd, 1st Floor, 333 Clarendon Street, South Melbourne VIC 3205 – ABN – 18 006 516 285. We are a licenced IATA Travel Agent – 0230864-4.
  3. NFS – Natural Focus – another Trading name of African Wildlife Safaris.
  4. IATA – International Air Transport Association.
  5. You / Your / Customer / Client (s) / Name of or Booking Party / Party Member / Group / Individual / Couple – All refer to You. For individuals or a couple we normally work directly with the individuals concerned or their Travel Agent. When the booking party involves more people we normally work with one or two of the group members or the Travel Agent to make all travel bookings. Our Privacy Policy applies to all party members of the group.
  6. Emergency Contact – includes a friend, relative, associate, colleague
  7. Minor – Person under the age of 18.
  8. Technology Neutral – whilst some parts of this Agreement may be technology specific, the general principles apply equally to paper-based and digital environments.
  9. 3rd Party Provider / Travel Agent – if you make a make a travel booking or enquiry with us through an intermediary this may include but is not limited to a travel agent or incentive company.
  10. Principal – When you make a travel booking or enquiry with us for the provision of travel services your personal information will be provided to our Principal which term may include an airline, tour operator, hotelier, transfer company, train company, insurance company, Consulates and Embassies or any other provider of a travel product.
  11. Social Media Channels – includes but is not limited to facebook, twitter, Instagram, blogs

Your Consent
By using our website, accessing the information we provide via any social media platform, by making an enquiry with us either at our office, our website, our email or an external event such as a travel show, or an enquiry or booking via a Travel Agent, you agree to and consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy and the collection and use of your personal data.

Opting Out

  1. Electronic information – any emails sent to you of a marketing nature have an Opt out option which is normally at the bottom of the electronic transmission.
  2. Paper-Based information – if we send you information by mail, you can Opt out if we include a Reply Paid coupon, or you can opt out by phoning or emailing our office.
  3. Travel booking – you cannot Opt out of providing specific information required to make your travel booking with us (as mentioned in “Your Consent” above). Without this information we cannot make your travel booking.

Who Does this Privacy Policy Cover and What do we use the information for?

  1. General Enquiries / Mailing List – if you make a general enquiry with us about travel to any of our destinations, and you provide us with your personal information, we will include you on an email or paper mailing list. You can Opt out at any time.

Information collected by us may be used as follows:

  1. Statistical Analysis – information will be aggregated and analysed so that we may better target our marketing activities.
  2. Respond to you – if for example you complete an online enquiry form, the information you provide will allow us to respond to your enquiry and assist us to create an itinerary for you. This may be as simple as phoning or emailing you to discuss your requirements further, and then for us to submit a written quotation to you.
  3. Mailing List – if you are added to our mailing list you will receive regular updates about the travel services we provide. You always have the option of Opting Out as mentioned above in “Opting Out”.
  4. Quoted and / or Booked Clients – if you require us to provide you with a travel quotation or you make a travel booking with us, either directly or through a 3rd party Travel Agent, you agree to provide us with personal information that may include information of a sensitive nature. Information may include – details included in your Passport, health information, driving licences, financial information such as credit card details, frequent flyer memberships, dietary requirements, weight, marital status, sleeping requirements, religion, contact numbers such as mobile / phone / fax / email including at work or at home, your type of job, date of birth, personal interests etc.This information is required to make travel bookings on your behalf with our Principals. If you do not give us your consent to provide this information to our Principals we cannot make the travel bookings for you.Health Information – the areas in which we arrange travel services can be remote and inaccessible. Our Principals require health details in the event that you may have a health problem or other emergency. We also advise that in some cases some travel arrangements may not be suitable to some clients with disabilities or health issues.Only disclosure of relevant personal information is made to our Principals. For example information provided to an airline will include all information required by law (Governments require airlines to provide a range of information such as passport details and nationality). Information provided to a car rental company will include your licence but this information is not relevant to a hotel provider. A light aircraft company will need to know your weight for safety reasons, but will not need to know your sleeping requirements. A travel insurance provider may require access to all your personal information including your entire medical history and a doctor’s report stating your ability to travel to ensure they can properly assess whether to insure you and to what extent.When you make a travel booking with us you must advise us the contact details of an Emergency Contact in the event that we need to contact someone on your behalf for anything involving an emergency. Provision of this information assumes you have received the consent of the person or persons to provide this information to us.If your travel booking involves a minor, then you as the parent or guardian consent to providing the personal details of the minor concerned.

Type of Personal Information we collect and use
The types of information we collect and use may include, but is not limited to:

  1. Website Usage – this will depend on your interaction with our website, and software you may employ to block use of certain information. Generally we may collect information about your browsing history, your IP address, your location, how you accessed our site (for example from an advertisement on another web page), page interaction such as mouse clicks, scrolling etc), cookies, searches of our website. This information is normally collected anonymously and may be aggregated for statistical analysis.
  2. Registering for a Login to our website – if you register to access customer areas of our website we may collect information such as username and password, the areas of the website you access, such as to download trip information, invoices, forms of any nature such as visa or insurance forms, feedback forms, or information contained in a blog you post, including images in any photographic competition.
  3. Social Media Channels – we may collect information about any interaction you have with us via any social media channel.
  4. Competitions, Surveys, Feedback Forms – Information you provide us from competitions, such as your name, address, email address, social media addresses, age, gender etc. This information may also be collected via a 3rd party. From time to time we may invite you to participate in a survey and provide feedback about a travel booking we organised for you. Information collected may be used for analysis and used in future marketing activities. If you participate in any of these activities, particularly the competitions, you will be asked whether you wish to receive marketing information from us. If you opt in then we will send you the information you requested and add you to either our physical mailing list and / or our electronic mailing list. We will send you information about our travel services from time to time. You always have the option of Opting Out of such marketing material as mentioned in “Opting Out” above.
  5. Personal or Business Information – As mentioned in “Who Does this Policy Cover” (above).
  6. Cookies – Cookies collect information related to your computer usage as mentioned previously. This information is collected anonymously and cannot identify you personally. If you do not wish to provide the information obtained by a cookie, then you need to investigate ways in which you can disable the use of cookies. However we advise that if you wish to visit our website then cookies must be enabled on your computer to be able to do this.

Sale of our Business
If our business is sold in the future your personal information will be transferred to the purchaser as part of the sale.

Location of your Personal Information
Your information may be stored anywhere in the world, depending on where computer servers are located. If you make a travel booking with us your information will be provided to our Principals as indicated above who may have offices anywhere in the world, in addition to the countries in which they operate as a Principal.

How your Information is Stored
The information provided by you is stored both online and physically in our office.

  1. Online – Information provided by you online, or sent to our Principals electronically is stored by our service providers and those of our Principals through a combination of physical and electronic access controls, including encryption, firewalls and other security measures.
  2. Physically – Our offices are protected with normal security and we have an alarm monitoring service to detect break-in to our offices. All reasonable measures are taken to ensure the security of the servers in our office. All servers have a range of electronic security and are not directly accessible to the internet. Our databases which contain most of your personal information are password protected and are stored behind a range of firewalls.

Complaints and Applicable Law
Our Privacy Policy is subject to Australian Law, in particular to Australian Privacy Act 1988, and any other applicable law.

If you wish to make a complaint to the relevant authorities, or for further information on privacy, please refer to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at or phone them on 1300 363 992. If calling from outside Australia call: + 61 2 9284 9749.