Antarctica cruises are the ultimate
remote wilderness experience

To walk on its distant shores, crowded with nesting penguins or boisterous elephant seals is an exhilarating and awe-inspiring feeling. This polar region remains one of the earth’s last great frontiers, with boundless landscapes of ice and snow, towering mountains, massive glaciers and unique wildlife.

An Antarctica cruise will take you through pristine waterways filled with marine wildlife, beneath the massive cliffs of snow-white glaciers, and up-close to mysterious, blue-tinted icebergs.

Our cruise Antarctica cruises offers a range of different voyages and itineraries, and a variety of on-shore and sea-based activities. The itineraries are designed to get you off the ship and into the wilderness as much as possible. You will get the chance to go ashore and walk amongst the penguins and seals, visit historic sites, and cruise by Zodiac around the base of ethereal icebergs. Some expeditions offer camping on the ice, kayaking, climbing or scuba diving. Our experienced Antarctica staff can help you choose an Antarctica cruise to suit your specific interests and budget.

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Antarctica Cruise Destinations

Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula

Explore the vast wilderness of the Antarctic Peninsula, the most accessible area of the ‘Great White Continent’. Discover a huge variety of wildlife including massive penguin rookeries, an abundance of plar mammals like seals and whales as well as breathtakingly beautiful waterways of icebergs…

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Falklands, South Georgia & Peninsula

Falklands, South Georgia & Peninsula

These are the ultimate in Antarctic voyages, combining history and amazing wildlife including thousands of King Penguins and whales along with the dramatic and beautiful Antarctic landscapes of ice and snow. Visit historic sites, explore unspoiled scenery, and be awestruck by the stunning vistas…

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Sub-Antarctic Islands

Sub-Antarctic Islands

The Sub-Antarctic Islands are UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are often referred to as the “The Galapagos of the Southern Ocean”. These remote Reserves are acknowledged for their extraordinary flora and fauna – including a vast array of birds and unique wildlife…

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Ross Sea

Ross Sea

Take an epic exploratory cruise to the very “heart of Antarctica”, the remote Ross Sea and one of the most untouched regions on our planet. Cruises to the Ross Sea transport you further south into the continent than any other sea route, through stunning vistas of sea-ice to where wildlife abounds…

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Activities in Antarctica

Most Antarctica cruises off a variety of activities to choose from including kayaking, camping and cross-country skiing.

Your Antarctic activities begin as soon as your ship leaves port, with onboard lectures by the ship’s specialist expedition staff on Antarctic history, geology, birdlife and wildlife. Once you reach the Sub-Antarctic islands or the Antarctic Peninsula, you will go ashore by Zodiac inflatables to walk amongst penguins, explore historic sites and visit scientific research stations. Some voyages offer optional adventure activities such as camping overnight on the ice, kayaking, snow-shoeing, cross country skiing and mountaineering (some activities at extra cost).

Zodiac Excursions

Most shore excursions and some sightseeing trips in Antarctica are by Zodiac inflatable boats. Anyone of average fitness and agility can get into and out of the Zodiacs. To avoid getting wet you will be wearing high rubber boots (wellies or gum boots). Some landings will be “dry” and some “wet”. Zodiacs were developed by the famous Jacques Cousteau and these nimble, rugged boats are the best way to get to shore quickly.

Kayak Amongst Icebergs

Sea kayaking is a fantastic and inspiring way to explore the Antarctic Peninsula. Excursions are in small groups with an experienced guide. You will paddle into bays and inlets, navigating around amazing icebergs – blue-tinted sculptures of ice eons old. Sea kayaking is an amazing way to really immerse yourself in the immensity of Antarctica, and should be booked in advance. Kayaking experience is required.

Ice-Climbing or Mountaineering

Keen adventurers with some climbing experience and a high degree of fitness might like to take on one of Antarctica’s peaks and glaciers. All climbs are coordinated by the expedition team on board your ship. Spaces are limited and this option should be booked in advance, preferably at the time of booking your cruise. Equipment, guides and instruction are provided.

Cross-Country Skiing

This is a fabulous way to experience the remote landscapes of Antarctica. Cross-country skiing is available on select Antarctic voyages and arrangements will vary depending on the ship. Equipment, guides and instruction are provided. A high level of fitness is required. There are limited places available so this activity will need to be organised in advance.

Ross Sea

Wildlife Encounters

The seas and shores of Antarctica, the Peninsula and the Sub-Antarctic islands are often crowded with noisy penguin rookeries, seal colonies and many sea birds. Get close to breeding colonies of Gentoo, Chinstrap, Adelie, King or Emperor Penguins. Seal species include the Weddell, crabeater, and leopard seals, as well as sea lions, fur seals and elephants seals. Other marine mammals include orca, humpback and minke whales.

Ice Shelf Camping

On some voyages you can enjoy a night camping on an ice shelf in Antarctica. This is a very popular activity and a great way to experience the profound silence of the polar wilderness. All camping gear is provided. This activity is only offered on certain voyages and must be booked in advance. As this activity is very much weather and ice dependent, it can never be guaranteed. Your Expedition Leader and/or Captain of the ship will make all decisions with regards to which shore excursions and activities can proceed.

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What Clients Say

“A trip of a lifetime has become a reality for us. This journey was all that we imagined, and more – a wonderful exhilarating experience. Our every need was catered for – during the booking process, at arrival and departure points and during the cruise. The staff of the boat helped to make this trip an experience of a lifetime, one, to never forget. Thank you!”
Chris and Jack Cox, Antarctica, Read More
“The Antarctic trip was absolutely fabulous….All land and sea expeditions were excellent with attention to both safety (native fauna, flora and human) and to finding spectacular scenery in the water and in the icy surrounds! It could hardly have been better photographically. Terrific library and information sessions…”
Robyn Reynolds, Antarctica, Read More
“Natural Focus took care of all our bookings and transfers and everything went so smoothly. My second trip to Antarctica with Natural Focus – a once in a lifetime trip….again! An expedition, not a cruise. Killer whales and humpbacks swimming around our zodiacs. Huge colonies of nesting adelie, gentoo and chinstrap penguins with their chicks.”
Rowena Mann, Antarctica, Read More

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