Voyage with us to the world’s last great wilderness – the stunningly beautiful and unspoilt landscapes of Antarctica and the wildlife-rich Arctic coastline.

Our Antarctica itineraries include some of the most spectacular scenery and wildlife of these remote lands, from the Sub-Antarctic islands of South Georgia and the Falklands, to the magnificent Antarctic Peninsula, and the remote Ross Sea. The only crowds here are noisy colonies of nesting Gentoo, Chinstrap or Emperor Penguins and or boisterous gatherings of giant Elephant Seals.

Our itineraries are designed to get you off the ship and into the wilderness as much as possible. You will get the chance to go ashore and walk amongst the penguins and seals, visit historic sites, and cruise by Zodiac around the base of ethereal icebergs. Some expeditions offer camping on the ice, kayaking, climbing or scuba diving.

The Arctic
Our Arctic voyages explore the spectacular coastlines and wildlife-rich seas around Greenland, Spitsbergen, Iceland, the Russian Arctic and the Canadian Arctic. Unlike Antarctica, the Arctic supports many large terrestrial mammals, such as caribou, muskox, Arctic fox and hare as well as the most iconic animal of them all – the polar bear.

The ice-strengthened ships and style of expedition is very similar to those in Antarctica, with expert on-board expedition staff and highly-trained crew. Shore excursions by Zodiac inflatable boats are offered once or twice a day, so passengers have the opportunity to walk along the shore or across the tundra, visit historic sites or meet the locals in small fishing villages or Inuit settlements. Cruise or kayak around icebergs and keep an eye out for amazing marine mammals like bowhead and beluga whales, narwhal, seals and walrus.

Our programs also include some exciting and truly unique land-based itineraries in the High Arctic, with accommodation in special eco-friendly camps set up on the ice floe edge, with explorations by snowmobile and dogsled led by experienced Inuit guides.