What Clients Say About Us

Below is just some of the incredible feedback we’ve had from clients returning from their journeys with us to some of our destinations. If you have travelled with us and would like to share your experience, we would love to hear from you!

“I have been fortunate to travel on all 7 continents by way of plane, train, car coach and canal under the auspices of a number of travel companies; however my recent Taj, Temples & Tigers tour with Annie and her team was just the best for variety, pace and attention to detail. The colour, contrast and chaos of both urban and rural India were presented in comfort and congeniality with no question or request overlooked by our guides. Thank you for the wonderful experience – we were so fortunate to view so many of the magnificent and elusive Bengal tigers.”

Diana Hacker

“We would like to thank you ever so much for our stay in Sri Lanka. We ‘old sheilas’ were keen for an independent adventure and were thrilled to make it to the summit at Sigiriya. Your local knowledge and guidance made for a truly memorable trip…”

Pauline and Janelle

“To celebrate my 60th birthday my family and I travelled to Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. It was an amazing adventure. We saw the spectacular Victoria Falls. Thankfully, we were wearing our Hogwarts rain cloaks!

Botswana’s Duma Tau touches the soul. There is something very peaceful gazing out on to the Savute Channel with elephants crossing and hippos wallowing. One of the highlights was a herd of elephants ambling through the camp. My daughter and son in law discreetly waited for the mothers and babies to pass before setting off to their rooms.

Our last night was steeped in drama! We were eating outside on the deck when suddenly we heard an ear-piercing guttural growl. Suddenly a leopard shot out from underneath the deck. The whole night, the elephants trumpeted, the hippos grunted and a hyena whooped. I was in heaven!

We met the San Bushmen of the Kalahari plains and were fascinated to hear a little of the traditional life they lead. As I am interested in natural medicine they explained which plants they use for certain conditions and how to prepare them into medicine. That night in the camp we were entertained with traditional song and dance. They have such rhythm.

We were extremely fortunate to see a lioness with her one month old cubs and a hyena loping out of the water. As I love the elusive leopard we were so excited to see one amble across in front of our car and effortlessly climb up a tree. So beautiful!

Namibia’s Serra Cafema had by far the most amazing terrain, quartz, granite inselbergs and stunning red earth dunes. In contrast to this the camp was situated by the Kunene River which had lush greenery on the banks. We visited the exotic Himba tribe who are steeped in their traditional life. It was fascinating to hear how they use red ochre and cow fat as a beautifier and moisturiser of their skin. This mixture also protects them from mosquitoes. We learnt about their spiritual beliefs and the roles females and males play in their community. We went quad biking and spent time on a boat cruising down the river.

In our last camp I was regaled with a birthday song and dance, and then a birthday cake appeared! I was overwhelmed and very appreciative. All in all, no effort was spared in making our trip memorable, from the ambiance of the camps, to the staff, to the guides and the amazing food.”

Monica & John Shalit

“We have just arrived home from our trip and thank you for the very efficient organisation of it. Everything coordinated as it should. As you are aware one of the important features for us was to see pink flamingos in Kenya. As expected, there were only a small handful at Lake Nakuru, and they were fairly distant and difficult to see. However the next day at Lake Bogoria, in perfect weather, we saw very many thousands of them at very close range in several locations around the lake.

All of the parks we visited had large numbers of animals of most varieties. Our guide, George, in Kenya was excellent, patient and highly experienced and could not do enough for us. Our Takims guide in Tanzania was younger and less experienced, but still very helpful and obliging.

Once again, thank you very much!”

Pam & John Peacock

“We had a terrific trip. Everything went so smoothly and we saw everything we wanted and more, including the elusive jaguar!

We had some great experiences: four jaguar sightings, a magic evening watching two ocelots out fishing, the power of Iguassu (great hotel, terrific view of falls from our bed), many great bird sightings, Rio pre-Olympics, the sensual Capoeira in Salvador, steaks in Buenos Aires……..

We had excellent guides everywhere, TAM airlines are so efficient, always on time, drivers were really good and all our connections worked like clockwork – not a hitch! Unbelievable, when some meant hours on dirt roads to get to airports so full marks to you and the tour operators.

Sri Lanka next!”

Moira Edwards

“As we have learnt to expect from AWS, all connections worked perfectly and the services were of a very high standard. Our guides (John in Tanzania and Joshua in Kenya) were excellent – knowledgeable, good fun and experts at finding wildlife while positioning us for great views and generally best light for photography.

We saw just about everything – very good multiple cat sightings, particularly leopards and amorous lions.

This was our third Africa trip with AWS, following trips to Southern Africa in 1997 and Selinda & Namibia in 2006. When Africa next appears on our travel planning radar, we’ll be back for more via AWS. ”

Paula & Peter Boylan

“A journey to South America had always been a high priority on our “Bucket List”. This year we were lucky enough to spend 5 weeks travelling there, commencing in a boutique hotel in the Bellavista neighbourhood of Santiago, Chile. Then up to Quito in Ecuador followed by a week sailing on a beautiful catamaran through the Galapagos Islands, experiencing wildlife and nature exactly as David Attenborough had described!

We then ventured into the Peruvian Amazon by luxurious riverboat, ate gourmet food in amazing restaurants in Lima, and trekked for 6 days staying in wonderful lodges throughout the Salkantay pass to Machu Picchu. We spent days wandering the beautiful Plazas of Cusco and travelled by train to Lake Titicaca for a few days “R and R” in a beautiful hotel on the shores of the lake with glorious views to Bolivia!

This truly was a once in a lifetime adventure. The people we met, the places we visited, the hotels we stayed at, the food we ate were all superb, not to mention the 10,000 photographs we got to bring home to show family and friends! African Wildlife Safaris enabled us to make this trip seem effortless despite months of planning and for that we thank them!”

Jacqui & Hayden Morris
PERU& ECUADOR (Galapagos)

“A few lines to confirm that we are still enjoying the memories of our trip to Africa – definitely the most special trip that we’ve ever had! The trip was so well organised and that helped as well of course. We were met and cared for by such pleasantly efficient people along the way and so the day to day itineraries just flowed.

We enjoyed Elephant Bedroom and congratulated the chef on the cuisine before we left! Even scored a favourite recipe! Aren’t the local people lovely? Their lifestyle is so basic and simple but they are so content with their pathway in life and were so friendly. We really enjoyed their company.

Ngenche was a great experience too! Right on the banks of the Mara River and we were so lucky to jag not just one, but two crossings of the wildebeest thanks to our fabulous guide, Steve Mwangi of Origins. He was a standout and I would happily recommend him to anyone. He was so knowledgeable about the wildlife, their habitats, movements, etc and he definitely made our stay on the Massai Mara a sensational lifetime experience which has left us with memories that we will not only treasure but enjoy sharing with friends and family – especially when we show them our photos and reminisce. Having Steve as our private guide also helped to enhance the whole safari experience.

Anne-Marie, the River Club on the banks of the Zambezi River was also fantastic! Would love to go back there one day.

The accommodation at Makanyane had the wow factor and the food was also excellent! Watching the wildlife from the comfort of our rather luxurious unit on the bank of the river was incredible! Seeing a herd of elephants, several giraffe, antelope and then on the last morning a pack of the wild dogs go down a well worn path, which happened to be on the opposite bank, to take a drink or have a wash in the river was so exciting! We had the cameras clicking big time but we also made sure that we enjoyed the moment.

Not just a holiday – an enriching lifetime experience! Well done Anne-Marie! We are so glad that we called you!”

Valmai and Peter Kopke

“A trip of a lifetime has become a reality for us. This journey was all that we imagined, and more – a wonderful exhilarating experience. Our every need was catered for – during the booking process, at arrival and departure points and during the cruise. The staff of the boat helped to make this trip an experience of a lifetime, one, to never forget. Thank you!”

Chris and Jack Cox

“Thanks again for organising our recent African holiday. There is simply no way we could have put our 4 country trip together without your help. We seemed to move seamlessly between different tour operators and safari camps. Each camp was its own unique experience and staff and guides were always helpful and well informed. We have seen a few places over the years but the level of accommodation and food were exceptional. Too good, in fact, as it will take some time at the gym to shed a few extra kilos.”

“I would not hesitate to recommend African Wildlife Safaris to anyone planning this sort of holiday as you were happy to work with us and amend out itinerary as we sorted through the many options we could choose from. We took literally thousands of photos and have memories that will last a lifetime. It took us 22 years to return to Africa after our last visit there. Hopefully we can get back again and when we do we will be sure to contact you for help in planning.”

Ruth and Drew Klee

“My partner and I chose the Inner Passage Cruise with Natural Focus because we preferred the adventure aspect of wilderness areas, either by ourselves or with small groups. This trip therefore fitted the bill perfectly. The availabilty of kayaking alone into little coves, where we saw harbour seals pop their heads up and an otter catching a fish and eating it on a log in front of us was amazing. The main advantage of this small adventure craft was the ability to change program needs to suit the surrounding wildlife opportunities. It was the perfect way to view orcas, whales and dolphins. Even to get close to the calving of the glaciers in a skiff and to be among the hordes of seals resting on the ice flows was something a large vessel could never offer. The mix of adventure was well planned with very enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides. The beauty was that there was always a variation of various degrees of difficulty available. This gave the 50 to 75 year old group which we mostly consisted of, a chance to reach their full potential of capabilities with the understanding that like-minded people could do this type of adventure with ease.

The staff excelled with their organisational skills, the quality of food and the service and most surprisingly, with their entertainment abilities during the evening relaxation sessions. To have story tellers, poets, musical performances from amateur staff members, who would put some professionals to shame, was both a delight and a privilege to experience.

In summary, I would say that the trip was very professionally operated with a priority to make sure everyone enjoyed the experience, no matter what their particular field of interest was. The scenery and variety of activities made this trip so enjoyable, that we have booked our next adventure for Mexico with the company.”

Brigitta Prenner

“What I was most impressed about was that I had this image that the national parks would be fairly similar and that we would be seeing the same animals in each park. But how wrong was I? Every place we visited was completely different to the last. …Samburu was more of a look and find adventure. The excitement built each track we went down wondering what we were going to find ahead. The peacefulness and quiet of Mt Kenya. The beauty of Lake Nakuru, and our surprise lunch at the look out, well nothing in life will ever beat that. And then it brings us to the Maasai Mara. Everywhere you looked there was an animal, the vast expanse of grassy plains it’s the ultimate image of Kenya.”

Kimberly and Warren McReynolds

“This particular trip was as smooth as silk, thanks to the efforts put in by Annie, AKA Anne-Marie Zambelli, our larger than life Tour Escort. I was goggle eyed at the level of care she provided, not to mention her first aid kit! … It was an absolute joy to be able to sit back and just enjoy the trip without having to worry about any of the details in what is a fairly chaotic country… Suffice to say, thank you Natural Focus for a wonderful experience.”

Linda Wilkins

I recently contacted Africa Wildlife Safaris to organise a last minute holiday to South Africa. To say I was thrilled with the resulting holiday is an understatement. I was joined at the very last minute by a friend, and your agent Siobhan Pemberton went to a massive effort to coincide our hotel rooms, flights etc. The journey went to plan perfectly and Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge and the shark cage diving were exceptionally successful recommendations from Siobhan. Thanks for our wonderful trip and I will have no hesitation recommending your firm to friends and colleagues.

Paul McIvor

“We spent eight days on a small boat (16 passengers) touring the Galapagos Islands in June 2011. Every day brought something different – a sea lion demolishing an octopus in the rock-pools, boobies offering sticks to mates as love tokens, female frigate birds circling a male hangout in order to select a possible mate, and, my personal favourite, snorkelling with a curious baby sea lion who came just a little too close for comfort -mum was nearby. We stood at the side of an albatross airfield, as these huge birds waited in line and taxied up the runway, ready for take-off. Our boat also cruised for several hours beside a large pod of humpback whales. – even the experienced captain became extremely excited about this rare sighting. An unforgettable holiday.”

Penny Redgrave
ECUADOR (Galapagos)

“We have just returned from our wonderful African safari and would like to thank African Wildlife Safaris for doing such a great job in organising our trip. Everything ran to schedule and all our transfers were there waiting for us in each location. The accommodation and safari camps were all excellent and all up we have had the most wonderful experience.”

Prue Karp & Lee Carter

“On our first day, we were stoked. Seeing wildebeest, leopard, lion, zebra, mongoose, elephant, giraffe, jackal, dik-dik antelope, impala, vulture, ostrich, magpie shrike, superb starling, hartebeest, lilac breasted roller, eagle, and Egyptian geese all on the first day was almost too much for us. But you kept it up! Day after day we regularly saw lions, elephants, hippos, cheetahs, leopards and even rhinos in the north.

Luxury camping at 3 different campsites with beautiful meals, hot showers and 240 volt power was wonderful.

Finally I want to say something about our guide Anne-Marie Zambelli. She was always the helpful guide who, at least on the surface, never became flustered and always had an answer to what might have been a difficult problems – such as for instance when we arrived by air at Mount Kilimanjaro from Nairobi to find that none of our luggage had been loaded on the plane.

The team of Anne-Marie and her local drivers Nixon and John were always ready with explanations and knowledge about all things Tanzanian which I’m sure didn’t all come from books – it came from their passion for the country and it’s life. Together they made our holiday truly remarkable and my wife Chrissie and I thank them all. We then had an “add on” of 3 days at the Victoria Falls Hotel – fantastic R&R!”

William and Christine Hart

“The Antarctic Trip was absolutely fabulous. To the surprise of captain, crew and passengers a benign crossing both ways! All land and sea via zodiac expeditions were excellent with attention to both safety (native fauna, flora and human) and to finding spectacular scenery in the water and on the icy surrounds! It could hardly have been better photographically and to enhance this, a dvd courtesy of Quark of the best of the trip! Terrific library and information sessions from ornithologist, scientists, geologist, and the highly competent team of organisers including the Aussies working their way around the globe!! “

Robyn Reynolds

“Just letting you know that we had a great time, in fact all of our arrangements exceeded our expectations. All of the transfers proceeded faultlessly and the staff from the two local agents in Nairobi and Zanzibar were fantastic, please pass on our compliments, especially to Salim from Twiga in Nairobi, and Mohammed & Sulieman from Hakims in Zanzibar. We felt safe at the Stanley in Nairobi and the Serena in Stone Town is a charming hotel. Our safaris in Kenya at Elephant Bedroom camp and Mara Ngenche camp were a great choice, we are raving to our friends about the accommodation, the locations, the food, the game drives, the guides, the vehicles and of course the animals. It was nice to finish at the 5 star Baraza Resort, we felt like movie-stars. Swimming with dolphins was a bonus. Thank you for organising a perfect holiday!”

Ben and Janet Reys

Andrea and I had a perfect visit to South America. The organisation was all “to plan”, enjoyable and memorable. I will recommend you to all I talk to. For us there was some hesitation in travelling to South America, in view of our age and health. We needn’t have worried at all. We were amazed at what we saw. We were safe at all times. The travel arrangements were very good and the accommodation excellent. We want to go back sometime. Thank you very much.”

Mike & Andrea Ahern

“WOW…our journey to Zimbabwe in May 2013 was absolutely amazing and totally exceeded our expectations. Being our first trip to Africa this couldn’t have been achieved without Renee at African Wildlife Safaris. There wasn’t anything that was too much trouble to organise and she took the time to understand our requirements and designed an itinerary specifically suited to us. Every single detail of the holiday was extremely well planned and all the operators in Zimbabwe used by African Wildlife Safaris were extremely professional, friendly and went out of their way to look after us! We loved Zimbabwe and can highly recommend African Wildlife Safaris to assist with safari planning.”

Helen Rickards & Jason Thompson

“An expedition, not a cruise. Killer whales and humpbacks swimming around our zodiacs. Huge colonies of nesting adelie, gentoo and chinstrap penguins with their chicks. Avalanches, glaciers calving and majestic icebergs. Natural Focus took care of all our bookings and transfers and everything went so smoothly. My second trip to Antarctica with Natural Focus – a once in a lifetime trip….again!”

Rowena Mann

“Hwange first impressed over 20 years ago, and returning in 2012 it has not lost its magic! Some of the most impressive elephant experiences, great predator action, and a stunning landscape. Staying at Little Makalolo which has to be the happiest camp in Africa, provides all the comfort you could need , with a very high standard of convivial but very capable guides, with rustic but incredibly comfortable accommodation and great food. It would be hard not to enjoy and who wouldn’t want to return!

Little Makololo is a terrific camp. The wildlife viewing is still some of the best – or maybe we were lucky. We saw thousands of ‘eles’ daily – often just at the waterhole in front of the camp – plus huge herds of buffalo, fabulous lion activity – 36 lion sighted some on multiple occasions, including a pride of 14 drinking together at sunset. Also 3 leopards, a gorgeous cheetah sighting and fabulous sable antelope. Our guide Bulli was terrific but the feedback from others is that all the guides were terrific. The food was good and all the staff were wonderful.

A special touch was the birthday cake for Bruce from the singing and dancing staff. How the chef can do a cossack dance (in a Zimbabwe kinda way) and hold a birthday cake in one hand is a curious thing. Also thank you for arranging 14 lion for Bruce at one waterhole for his birthday viewing – you guys really pull out all the stops! The leopard you ordered didn’t turn up until the following morning – but he realises leopards are easily confused with time zones. “

Gayle Gledhill and Bruce Williamson

With only 60 passengers we were able to get to know and share a meal with most people on board and also it afforded everyone the opportunity to partake in the many activities on offer. The crew were very professional and knowledgeable in their particular fields, and they went out of their way to ensure that everyone had a very memorable experience. Their enthusiasm about the beautiful pristine environment was infectious and certainly added to our experience. Each day we were offered the choice to hike, kayak, paddleboard, snorkel or go for a ride in the skiff.

The wildlife was amazing. We saw whales, seals, sea lions, sea otters, bald eagles, puffins, wolves, bear and mountain goats to name just a few. On one occasion while out in our kayaks a humpback surfaced only meters from our group. This was certainly a heart stopping moment. It was incredible to be in the water so close to these beautiful creatures and watch them feed and come up for air. Just about every morning when I stepped out of our cabin door I could hear the whooshing sound of a whale breathing. Fantastic!

On another occasion while out in the kayaks we were lucky enough to watch a bald eagle dive into the sea to catch a salmon. The fish was so big the eagle had great difficulty getting up out of the water. After quite a struggle he eventually got himself and his prey up onto a rocky outcrop. Following a much earned breather, he then took off in full flight with the fish held very securely in his talons. It was these wonderful up close and personal encounters with nature that really made the trip very special for us.

Glacier Bay was certainly one of the highlights of the week and being able to get so close to the glaciers, either in kayaks or the skiff, gave us a much greater appreciation of this most beautiful part of the world. I would certainly like to return to SE Alaska and would have no hesitation in recommending this trip.”

Jill Corish

“We loved our canoeing safari down the Zambezi River in Mana Pools, but it was one of the regular walks we went on which yielded the highlight of our entire African holiday. Our keen eyed guide spotted a small group of male elephants, and decided to set up lunch under a nearby Acacia tree heavy with seed pods. The elephants walked right up to the tree whilst we were sitting there and one of the group stood on his hind legs and reached up to get the choicest pods. An incredible experience!”

David Eatough

“I wish to thank Katherine and Natural Focus for organising our wonderful trip to South America. From the brochure we chose 4 tours: the trek to Machu Picchu followed by Lake Titicaca, then to Iguassu Falls and then to Rio. Everything was organised by phone and email but we were very, very impressed at how well all four tours were synchronized, and how cost effective it was. There was always a guide to meet us with transport, no standing around not knowing what to do or where to go.

The included tours, guides and accommodation were perfect, including the trek; five star service from the guide and the porters during the 3 night and 4 day climb; just an amazing experience. We also could not get over the great food that was produced during the climb for breakfast lunch and dinner – unbelievable.

From Chile to Peru, Argentina and Brazil what I can say, wonderful! I have already given my friends the Natural Focus information. I would also add the trip was very cost effective.”

Carol and Dean

“Landing on Mombo airstrip at 4pm was the start of a trip of a lifetime, no time to waste checking in, it was straight to the pride of lions eating their kill from the night before. By 6.30pm we had also seen giraffe’s, a bull elephant, warthogs, impala’s, kudu, zebra’s, the famous leopard “Lagadema” and the famous only wild dog in Mombo “Solo”. How can this be topped? We have walked in the bush with Sylvester the cheetah, kissed the giraffe’s and had Ajabu the 5 month old elephant from the Daphne Sheldrick Wildlife Trust who gently took my hand in her trunk and put my fingers in her mouth. Each camp Mombo, Abu, Kings Pool, the Elephant Camp, Sabi Sabi Selati, Ngorongoro Crater Lodge, Serengeti Bushcamps, Giraffe Manor was as exciting and full of wildlife as the next and tears were shed when leaving each camp. Amazing luxury accommodation, service and food. From start to end from Cape Town to Nairobi there was not one thing I would have changed. African Wildlife Safaris’ Michael Fitzgerald, who has the ability to know what you require with the attention to the smallest detail, has to be the most efficient person I have ever dealt with and who made this dream come true. For such a big trip everything he arranged was perfect and there is not a day goes by that I do not think about Africa. This will be with me for life and that is all down to AWS. Thank you.”

Vivien Jones

“When in May 2013 I decided to go trekking with a friend in Peru and Patagonia I consulted a number of travel agencies and found Natural Focus to be the best, based on their knowledge of the country and their efficiency in planning the trip in every little detail. The Hotels and lodges were in great locations and the pre-paid drinks and meals, in particular on The Andean Explorer Train and at the Hosteria Las Torres Patagonia, were amazing.

The Machu Picchu trek was challenging for two senior ladies like us but well organized and supported. The guide was very helpful and knowledgable with a good command of the English language.

Travelling on lake Titicaca to see the Uros was a unique experience. They live on floating islands and it’s incredible what they accomplish with the reeds. The ride on the reed boat was a bit touristy but very interesting because we had never seen anything like it before.

Hosteria las Torres located inside The Torres Del Paine National park was incredible. With the best views of the surrounding mountains from every part of the lodge. The service was great and the staff very professional who couldn’t do more to make us feel at home. We also had an extensive choice of activities to choose from.

I could mention more about Puerto Maldonado, Lima, Buenos Aires , Santiago etc, but I am ending by saying that from the start to the finish this was one of the most awesome trips I have ever been on. I couldn’t fault anything and I couldn’t rate Natural FocusS any higher.

A special thank you goes to Katherine Garces for her knowledge of South America, her professionalism and for putting up with me on the numerous phone calls I made to her.”

Maria-Luisa Scala

“This was the most exciting and varied trips I have had in Africa. All went very well, we were happy with the accommodation, the driver was excellent and the sites superb.
Thanks Taleen for the perfect organisation.”

Marie Paule

“Natural Focus organized an amazing ‘bucket list’ South American experience for us over 3 weeks. After an incredible experience in Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, with a friendly knowledgeable guide staying in extra-ordinary hotels, we spent eight days on a luxurious small boat with friendly staff and guides (16 passengers) touring the Galapagos Islands. Every day brought new close up experiences with exotic wildlife whose behaviours were uninhibited by our presence, both on land and in the water snorkelling. The experience in Galapagos exceeded all our expectations. Finally we spent a few days in an eco-lodge in Ecuador on the Napa river where we saw dozens of exotic birds, monkeys, bats and a sloth and were awed by the diversity of plant and insect life in the jungle.

Nick Redgrave

“I would like to thank you for one of the best holidays Pam and I have ever had. Having been a travel agent for over 30 years this trip to Botswana and Tanzania was one of the best trips I have ever done. Your choice of camps and duration at each was a perfect balance enabling us to view and experience the camp ambience and animals on offer at each region . The holiday was enriched further by knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic tour guides. We are already talking about our next safari to Africa in the near future which we will be booking with African Wildlife Safaris. Thanks again for a fantastic holiday.”

Russ and Pam Marsham

“As a traveller who enjoys both culture & especially adventure, Taj Temples & Tigers not only met but exceeded my expectations. I found India to be a fascinating country, a country of many contrasts & the balance of this tour was just right, the planning by Natural Focus was absolutely impeccable. Personally, as an avid wild life photographer I was in my element, especially with the sighting of no less than 5 tigers. I must pay a special mention to Anne –Marie (Annie) from Natural Focus & Tirath Singh our outstanding Naturalist Guide for making this trip so very special. Having previously travelled throughout South America with Natural Focus I am now waiting anxiously to hear what they can come up with next.”

Ian J Llewellyn

“We had an amazing safari to Botswana and Zambia in 2011 through African Wildlife Safaris and had no hesitation in having our travel agent Marianne use AWS again in 2013. We trekked with Gorillas in Rwanda, had 7 outstanding days in the Serengeti with Nixon, a fantastic and knowledgeable guide, then flew to Ruaha and Selous. The whole safari was once again exhilarating and well planned. We were extremely happy with the animal sightings, guides, accommodation and food. We will definitely use AWS again.”

Lucy and Bill Lyne

“It was always a dream of mine to go to Machu Picchu. When my friend organised this trek through Natural Focus I had no idea how wonderful the experience would be. From when we were picked up from the airport to when we arrived at Machu Picchu our guides were so friendly and helpful that it made climbing all those steps for a person of my age a lot easier than I had imagined. The experience of seeing the stupendous Machu Picchu from above is something I will never forget. The attention did not end here but continued through the rest of our trip to Patagonia’s Torres del Paine National Park, Lake Titicaca and Suasi Island until back home. I would recommend this to any one of my age – 71!”

Anna Polzot

“Our family travelled to Sri Lanka in November 2012. It is amazing to think that so many different experiences could be packed into such a small country, in fact there are eight world heritage sites on this small island.
The ancient Bhuddist culture has given Sri Lanka over 2000 years of religious heritage, with wonderful ruins and temples to explore in Anaradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla and Sigiriya.

We enjoyed seeing the influences of previous occupying nations, the Dutch colonial buildings in Galle Forte, and the British hill stations at Nuwara Eliya where tea plantations still produce a major export crop for Sri Lanka.

For us the wildlife parks were a highlight, and we were fortunate enough to see a sloth bear in Wilpattu National Park; wonderful elephants, more than 100, wandering along beside the tank in Minneriya Park and three good leopard sightings in Yala Park.

It is hard to show beaches to Australians but Sri Lanka also had many lovely beaches.

Our guide was with us for the entire trip, he was a delight, with a great sense of humour and an ability to track down anything, especially good food.

Natural Focus organised the holiday for us, nothing was a problem, they gave us excellent advice about where to visit and how long we needed at each destination. It was a fabulous holiday with something for everyone within a short travelling distance. Pack your bag and get exploring.”

Neroli Best & Greg Mouse