Brazil Tours

Brazil is one of the most exciting and vibrant countries on Earth, with its dazzling array of peoples, cultures and landscapes.

From beautiful Rio de Janeiro, encircled by mountains and sea, to the immense Amazon jungle and the crystal clear waters surrounding Ilha Grande, our range of Brazil tours lets you soak up the country’s many wonders.

Discover rich cultures and spectacular colonial architecture as you step back in time in the World Heritage city of Salvador or in the alluring beach-side town of Parati. Take a safari through the Pantanal wetlands or visit a rainforest lodge to encounter Brazil’s amazing wildlife, from jaguars and caiman to giant anteaters and many species of monkey.

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Rio de Janeiro

Spectacular Rio de Janeiro

Considered one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Rio is renowned for its creative, vibrant culture of music and dance, its cafes, nightlife, and stunning beaches.

Rio de Janeiro nestles along the pretty shores of the Atlantic Ocean, and is watched over by the famous Sugar Loaf Mountain and the majestic statue of Christ the Redeemer on Corcovado Mountain. Cariocas (as the people of Rio are called) love to party, with Carnival (Carnaval) in February often called “the world’s biggest party”. They also love their beaches, so don’t miss the famous sands of Copacabana and Ipanema.
Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande – Forests, Islands & Beaches

Ilha Grande is an idyllic island covered in rainforest, with pristine beaches and charming fishing villages.

You don’t have to go far from Rio to experience some of the jewels of the Brazilian coastline. Ilha Grande is just 125km from busy Rio and ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, diving, snorkelling or simply relaxing on the beach. Across the bay is the historic city of Parati, home to elegant colonial architecture. 105km north of Rio is the fashionable beach retreat of Buzios, with 20 lovely beaches and sophisticated boutique hotels.

The UNESCO World Heritage City of Parati

Located amidst a stunning coastal landscape, Parati has some of the finest 18th century architecture in Brazil.

This cultural gem on Brazil’s Costa Verde is just 260km south of Rio. Founded by the Portuguese in 1667, Parati is surrounded by forests, mountains and waterfalls, and overlooks the island-studded Bay of Ilha Grande. It is also a lively and cosmopolitan town with good restaurants, art galleries and shops. Explore the cobbled streets that are closed to traffic, historic churches, forts and houses with their white-washed walls and terracotta-tiled roofs.
Iguassu Falls

Iguassu Falls

Called “Foz do Iguaçu” in Portuguese, these spectacular falls lie on the Iguassu River between Brazil and Argentina.

There are 275 cascades in total, some reaching up to 80m in height. The river tumbles over the Parana Plateau in a horseshoe shape, with two thirds of the falls on the Argentinian side. The most spectacular section is the dramatic Devil’s Throat, best seen from the Brazilian side. However, the Argentine side allows visitors to experience the power of the falls up close. You can explore Iguassu Falls from either country. Stay in a hotel close to Iguassu or at a rainforest eco-lodge within short driving distance.
Amazon Eco-Lodges

Eco-Lodges in Brazil’s Biodiversity Hotspots

Brazil is renowned for its amazing biodiversity, with its precious wilderness areas supporting a dizzying array of plants and animals.

Brazil’s three major biomes comprise the seasonal wetlands of the spectacular Pantanal featuring the greatest concentration of fauna in the Americas, the iconic Amazon Rainforest and the vast tropical savannas of the Cerrado. Stay at a comfortable eco-lodge with daily guided excursions to look for wildlife, or take a multi-day riverboat cruise along the Amazon River or the Rio Negro.
Northern Pantanal

The Wonderful Northern Pantanal

Accessed from the city of Cuiaba, the wetlands, forests and savannas of the northern Pantanal are home to an amazing diversity of creatures.

Just some of the wildlife you may see include caiman, tapir, monkeys, marsh deer, giant river otter, armadillo, ocelot and the elusive jaguar. In fact, the northern Pantanal is arguably the best area in South America to encounter these powerful cats. The ideal time to visit is during the dry season. Our carefully chosen wildlife lodges include Araras Eco-Lodge, Pouso Allegre Lodge, the Jaguar Houseboat and the Jacare Houseboat.
Southern Pantanal

The Magical Southern Pantanal

Explore the incredibly fertile savanna and river catchment of the Southern Pantanal, with its thousands of bird species and rare mammals such as jaguar and tapir.

Travel from Campo Grande into the heart of Brazil’s famous Pantanal where you may encounter unique wildlife such as giant anteater, puma, jaguar and maned wolf. Explore by boat, vehicle or on foot with your guide. Fish for piranha, go horseback riding or climb lookout towers for panoramic views of the jungle. Many lodges here are also traditional cattle ranches, successfully combining livestock farming with wildlife conservation.
Amazon River Cruises

Amazon River Cruises

The jungle city of Manaus, founded by the Portuguese in 1669, is the gateway to the Amazon.

Founded by the Portuguese in 1669, Manaus is famous for its elegant opera house, and is only 10km from the extraordinary “Meeting of the Waters” where the black waters of the Rio Negro and the clear waters of the Solimoes River converge to form the Amazon. Stay at a comfortable eco-lodge or aboard a riverboat, taking guided excursions by boat or on foot to look for monkeys, caimans, birds and river dolphins. Fish for piranha and visit local indigenous communities.



We tailor make all of our tours to suit your to suit your interests, style and budget. Our selection of sample programs in Brazil include city stays, Carnival, beach getaways, jaguar encounters in the remote northern Pantanal, rainforest eco-lodges and Amazon River cruises. Accommodation options range from five star or boutique luxury hotels to eco-lodges deep in the rainforest. Choose from one of our featured itineraries or let us design a custom tour for you. To find out more about the type of Brazil experience we can put together for you, please download pages below.

City Stays - Rio de Janeiro & Salvador

City Stays – Rio de Janeiro & Salvador

Gorgeous Rio is the city of samba, home to the celebrated Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, fabulous Carnaval and the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer. Further north, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Salvador offers a more relaxed, historical perspective of the nation, with its beautifully preserved churches and brightly painted heritage buildings set alongside picturesque beaches.

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Rio Carnival

Rio Carnival

The Rio Carnival (Carnaval) is the biggest party in the world. Held in February at the peak of the Brazilian summer, it is a fantastic spectacle of colour and music, embodying the vibrant spirit of the Brazilian people. Attracting visitors from all over the globe, the main parade takes place in the Sambodrome, with elaborate floats and dazzling costumes.

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Buzios, Rio Grande & Parati

Buzios, Ilha Grande & Parati

Explore the sophisticated seaside splendour of Buzios, the charming UNESCO World Heritage-listed colonial town of Parati set amid magnificent mountains and tropical beaches, or the island paradise of Ilha Grande with its unspoilt forest, pristine beaches and sleepy fishing villages.

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A UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site, Salvador is affectionately known by the locals as the cultural centre of Brazil, with dance, music and Capoeira visible all around the city. Its pretty cobblestone streets will lead you past historic churches and brightly painted buildings to the picturesque beaches that dot the edge of the bay.

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The Pantanal

The Pantanal

The spectacular Pantanal has the greatest concentration of fauna in the Americas. Wildlife is easier to see here than in the Amazon as the landscapes are more open. Just some of the species you may encounter include caiman, tapir, monkeys, marsh deer, armadillo, jaguar and rare giant river otters. A moored houseboat serves as your base, as you explore the remote waterways of this epic wilderness.

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Amazon Cruising

Cruise into the most diverse ecosystem in the world – the Amazon – on a specially designed riverboat. Enjoy stunning views of the the rivers and flooded rainforests, visit indigenous local communities and go ashore to encounter exotic animals such as caiman, frogs, sloths and snakes. Drop a line for fearsome piranha and look out for friendly pink river dolphins in your wake.

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Manaus & Amazon Lodges

Manaus & Amazon Lodges

Manaus is a cosmopolitan city at the edge of the Amazon Rainforest. Set on the northern bank of the Rio Negro, Manaus is the perfect starting point for explorations of the jungle, whether you choose a cruise, an eco-lodge or both. Stay a little while to discover the city’s colonial past – testaments include the Mercado Adolpho Lisboa, a market modelled on Les Halles in Paris, and the elegant Amazonas Opera House.

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Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls

With 275 cascades, some over 70m high, the Iguazu Falls are amongst the largest, most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The falls fan out in a horseshoe shape across 2.7km of the Iguazu River, which forms the Argentina-Brazil border. Brazil offers its most iconic view – the panoramic Devil’s Throat – but Argentina has a wonderful network of viewpoints from which to see the waterfalls. We suggest seeing it from both sides!

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Brazil Overview

Why Brazil: The largest country in South America, Brazil has it all: huge swathes of Amazon rainforest, the Iguazu Falls, beautiful beaches, historic colonial architecture, a vibrant mix of peoples and cultures, and the amazing wildlife of the Pantanal.

Culture: Brazilian culture has historically been influenced by European, African and indigenous cultures and traditions. Because of strong colonial ties with Portugal, Brazilians speak Portuguese unlike most countries in South and Central America, which are mostly Spanish-speaking. One of the most enduring images of Brazilian culture is the festival of Carnaval with its spectacular street parades, glitzy costumes and catchy samba music.

When to Go: Brazil experiences a varied climate as a result of its large size. Rio de Janeiro, Parati, Ilha Grande and Buzios have good weather all year round, with the best months to visit being between Feb – May. From Oct – Jan, the region can be hot and humid. The Pantanal is best visited during the dry season (Apr – Sep), as it is very hot and wet during the rainy season (Oct – Mar). The Amazon is hot and humid year-round. Its dry season lasts from Jun – Dec and is often called “summer” by the locals as it is hot and sunny. The humid wet season typically runs from Dec – May and is referred to as “winter.”

Combine With: Peru and discover the Inca treasures of Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu. Alternatively, combine Brazil with the glaciers and mountains of Patagonia in Argentina/Chile for a completely different South American wilderness experience.

Getting There: Most visitors to Brazil enter via Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo, which receives direct flights from both capital cities throughout South America and major destinations around the world.  Travellers departing from Australia most commonly stop in Santiago, Chile, where they board a connecting flight to São Paulo.

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