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African Wildlife Safaris & Natural Focus travel to all corners of the globe, stretching from the open plains in Africa, or the gems of India, to the ice capped peaks in Alaska and rugged peninsula of Antarctica.


With huge rivers filled with hippopotamus and crocodiles, grassy plains teeming with lion, zebra and elephant, and unique and ancient cultures, Africa has enticed travellers for centuries. Our Africa safari partner African Wildlife Safaris know when and where to go to see the very best wildlife, and are expert at creating authentic African safaris experiences.

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Words cannot describe the beauty of earth’s most pristine wilderness. The huge landscapes of ice, massive glaciers, the ethereal shapes of floating icebergs and spectacularly diverse and unique wildlife including penguins, seals and whales make for a unique wilderness experience. Our small expedition ships offer a safe and personalised discovery of this special place.

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The Arctic is a vast dreamscape of serene beauty and seemingly impossible contradictions of nature, from towering volcanoes to drifting icebergs. In a precarious balance of survival, delicate wildflowers carpet rocky tundra amidst an abundance of spectacular wildlife, from polar bears, muskox, arctic fox and tusked walrus, to giant colonies of birds, seals and whales.

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Bhutan is the last unspoiled Himalayan kingdom. “The Land of the Thunder Dragon” offers a breathtaking experience of awe-inspiring mountainous landscapes, a timeless Buddhist culture, stunning ancient fortresses, remote monasteries, and a welcoming, friendly people. Our programs include cultural tours, treks, festivals and a host of specialised options.

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Canada and Alaska

The west coast of Canada and Alaska is one of the most dramatic and stunningly beautiful coastlines in the world: snow-capped mountains, glaciers, forest, fjords and spectacular wildlife. We have a complete range of tours and accommodation, including cruises, marine wildlife tours, bear viewing, wilderness lodges and Rocky Mountain rail tours.

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Step back in time and explore the cultural treasures, rich history and spectacular desert landscapes of Egypt. A curious mix of old and new, Egypt offers fascinating historic sites, exotic culture, colourful souks, tantalising cuisine, a sunny climate and gorgeous beaches. The remnants of a once dominant ancient culture dot the country and are the main reasons to visit.

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Camel at the Pyramid of Giza in Egypt


The Indian subcontinent including Nepal and Sri Lanka combine stunning natural beauty with ancient cultures and a fascinating history. From the high Himalayas to the verdant green south you will marvel at mysterious temples, huge fortresses and graceful palaces. Accommodation options include deluxe hotels, wildlife lodges and historic heritage properties.

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South America

With ancient Inca ruins, vibrant cities, snow-capped volcanoes, rainforests teeming with wildlife, and the mysterious Galapagos Islands, South America offers an immense range of inspiring holidays. Highlights include eco-lodges in the Amazon, spectacular Iguazu Falls, ancient ruins in Mexico, stunning scenery in Patagonia and the inspiring Machu Picchu in Peru.

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Machu Pichu Peruy South America

The Middle East

Explore age-old archaeological wonders and surreal desert landscapes in Jordan, Oman and the United Arab Emirates. These countries also boast cities that proudly combine traditional culture and ancient monuments with sleek, contemporary architecture.

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What Clients Say

“The Antarctic Trip was absolutely fabulous… All land and sea via zodiac expeditions were excellent with attention to both safety (native fauna, flora and human) and to finding spectacular scenery in the water and on the icy surrounds! It could hardly have been better photographically. Terrific library and information sessions from…”
Robyn Reynolds, Antarctica, Read More
“A few lines to confirm that we are still enjoying the memories of our trip to Africa – definitely the most special trip that we’ve ever had! The trip was so well organised and that helped as well of course. Not just a holiday – an enriching lifetime experience! Well done Anne-Marie! We were met and cared for by such pleasantly…”
Valmai and Peter Kopke, Kenya & South Africa, Read More
“From Chile to Peru, Argentina and Brazil what I can say, wonderful! I have already given my friends the Natural Focus information. We were very, very impressed at how well all four tours were synchronized… there was always a guide to meet us with transport, no standing around not knowing what to do or where to go. The included tours…”
Carol and Dean, South America, Read More
“We loved our canoeing safari down the Zambezi River in Mana Pools, but it was one of the regular walks we went on which yielded the highlight of our entire African holiday. Our keen eyed guide spotted a small group of male elephants, and decided to set up lunch under a nearby Acacia tree heavy with seed pods. The elephants walked…”
David Eatough, Zimbabwe, Read More
“We embarked on our first safari trip to Africa with much anticipation and a little trepidation about how our travel arrangements were going to work out. Thanks to the expertise of African Wildlife Safaris, and Michael in particular, we returned home eager to visit a different part of Africa for another safari sometime in the future…”
Merrill & Arthur, Africa, Read More



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