Bhutan Treks

Experience Bhutan’s pristine landscapes of ancient forests, meadows, streams and snow-capped mountains up-close.

A trek in Bhutan is one of the most exhilarating and unforgettable ways to experience the heart and soul of the Dragon Kingdom.

One of the best ways to experience the raw beauty of Bhutan is to incorporate a trek into your itinerary. With much of the kingdom covered in ancient forests and alpine meadows, a trek will not only bring you closer to nature but provide you with the opportunity to meet rural people. Whilst you will need to be physically fit and used to long walks, our trekking itineraries have been designed to travel at a gentle pace. Altitude sickness can be a concern over 3,000m so it is important to acclimatise before your trek and ascend slowly. You will be accompanied by a local trekking guide, cook, camp hand and horsemen who look after the yaks and ponies that transport your luggage and camping gear. The crew take care of all the camp chores and will provide you with simple but wholesome food along the way.

Trekking is best from March to April and from September to November (outside of the monsoonal summer season). These months offer the clearest views of the mountains.

Bhutan Trekking Highlights

Bhutan treks

Trek through forests and high alpine meadows

The mountains and foothills of Bhutan are perfect for trekking, offering unspoiled and uncrowded wilderness with incredible views of the high Himalayan peaks.

The country has an extraordinary forest coverage of over 72%. Hike through rhododendrons in flower (March to May), and groves of sweet smelling juniper and blue pine. Cross alpine meadows dotted with remote villages, pass yak herders’ camps and rest by magnificent lakes teeming with fish.
Visit rural villages

Visit rural villages and isolated communities

Trekking creates wonderful opportunities to visit remote Bhutanese villages and witness first hand the traditional culture and customs of the local people.

Trekking creates wonderful opportunities to visit remote Bhutanese villages and witness first hand the traditional culture and customs of the local people. Be invited into farmhouses, pay respects in local temples, and wander through picturesque terraced fields and pastures grazed by cows. Pass shrines and chortens (stupas) with prayer flags fluttering in the breeze. There may also be the chance to enjoy a simple village lunch or a cup of tea with a herder.
Enjoy fabulous mountain views

Enjoy fabulous mountain views

There is little that compares to the splendid view of Himalayan peaks towering above Bhutan’s beautiful valleys and streams.

Most treks in mountainous Bhutan go above 3,000m and on crystal-clear sunny days in spring and autumn, you are treated to dazzling views of the eastern Himalayas. Bhutan’s highest peaks rise over 7,000m and include Mt Gangkar Puensum (7,570m), the highest unconquered peak in the world. Walk in the shadow of snow-capped mountains and through alpine meadows where prayer flags fly from sacred chortens.
Bhutan taktsang Monestary

Visit remote temples and monasteries

While trekking through the mountains, you may visit temples, chortens, dzongs and monasteries where few tourists have ever been.

Often perched high on hilltops or mountain passes, these sacred sites offer an insight into the spiritual world of Bhutan. See monks in traditional dress and pilgrims with prayer wheels on their pilgrimage through Bumthang, the religious heartland of Bhutan.

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Bhutan Itineraries

We have a unique selection of suggested Bhutan treks designed to help you discover the stunning lanscapes of this Himalayan kingdom. All of our treks are completely tailor made featuring a range of accommodation styles customised to suit our clients interests, budget, and timeframe. To find out more about the type of Bhutan tour we can put together for you, please download pages below. Please contact us to learn more about the full range of treks can can customise for you in Bhutan.

Druk Path Trek

Druk Path Trek

This adventurous itinerary includes a 6 day trek commencing in either Paro or Thimphu. The trekking tour crosses a chain of beautiful mountains that separates two valleys.

Bumthang Pilgrim Trek

Bumthang Pilgrim Trek

The beautiful Bumthang Valley is the religious heartland of Bhutan and home to some of its oldest temples and monasteries. Incorporated into this culture-rich itinerary is 3 days of moderate walking.

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