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One of the smallest countries in South America, English-speaking Guyana is a pristine wilderness paradise tucked away in the far north of the continent.

The country is known for its incredibly rich array of bird, mammal and amphibian species including jaguar, leatherback turtle, giant river otter and black caiman.

Guyana harbours one of the four large tracts of virgin rainforest left on earth, spanning 2 million square kilometres, equivalent to 70% of the country. Expect an adventurous journey into thick jungle filled with abundant wildlife and waterfalls, with river crossings, mountain climbs and memorable stays in indigenous-run eco-lodges on our Guyana tours.

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Guyana Tour Highlights

Georgetown, Guyana


The capital of Guyana, Georgetown, was occupied by the Dutch, the French and subsequently, the British.

The town is laid out in a neat grid with wide tree-lined streets, in a manner similar to early Dutch sugar plantations. The heart of the city is called Stabroek, on the Demarara River, and this is the location of the busy covered market and of many grand government buildings. A large statue of Queen Victoria is testament to British rule in Guyana, as is the Gothic-style St George’s Anglican Cathedral, said to be the tallest wooden building in the world.
Surama Eco Lodge

Surama Eco Lodge

Situated beneath the magnificent Pakaraima Mountains, between stunning rainforest and savanna, is the fascinating Amerindian village of Surama.

This is home to the indigenous Macushi people who still observe many of their traditional customs. You can visit the local school, medical centre, church and some of the village houses, and take walks with indigenous guides to learn about medicinal uses of plants in Amerindian culture. The area has healthy populations of giant river otter, jaguar, giant anaconda, tapir, capybara, four species of monkey and over 500 species of birds. Accommodation is at the rustic but comfortable Surama Eco-Lodge. Visitors also have the opportunity to climb Surama Mountain for unrivalled views across the forest at sunrise, or to go canoeing down the Burro Burro River.
Kaieteur Falls National Park

Kaieteur Falls National Park

Take a round trip flying from Georgetown to Guyana’s most famous attraction, the stunning Kaieteur Falls.

This is where the Potaro River drops a dizzying 226 m from the Potaro Plateau into a gorge below. Much higher than the famous Iguassu Falls, twice as high as Victoria Falls and four times higher than Niagara, Kaieteur is the highest single-drop waterfall in the world. Its width varies from 76m to 122m depending on the season, and beautiful White-chinned and White-tipped Swifts dart amongst the rainbows and nest in the steep cliffs surrounding the cascades.
Karanambu Lodge

Karanambu Lodge & The Rupununi

Visit the award-winning Karanambu Lodge and discover extraordinary wildlife and wilderness.

Located in the heart of the Rupununi ecosystem, this rustic eco-lodge is the home of conservationist Dianne McTurk, a world-renowned expert on rare giant river otters. On guided excursions, you may encounter these comical creatures as well as giant black caiman and giant anteater. Track giant anteaters across the savanna or watch the evening ritual of the giant water lily, Victoria amazonica. Excursions are by land rover, boat or on foot with expert guides. Karanambu is also a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 600 individual avian species recorded, and is rich in history and local culture.
Guyana Wildlife

Exceptional Wildlife

Unspoilt Guyana has exceptional wildlife which can be encountered on guided excursions from comfortable eco-lodges.

The vast Iwokrama Rainforest shelters one million acres of tropical vegetation, home to plentiful birdlife, including the amazingly brilliant Guianian Cock-of-the-rock, as well as 4 species of caiman, numerous tree frogs and large mammals such as puma, capybara, tapir and jaguar. Climb Turtle Mountain or stroll the Iwokrama Canopy Walkway, 30 metres high, for amazing views and the chance to get close to black spider monkey, red howler monkey and many types of bird. For contrast, visit savanna areas like Rupununi and Surama, which have very different wildlife, including healthy populations of giant river otter, jaguar, giant anaconda, tapir, capybara and four species of monkey.

Guyana Sample Itineraries

Our selection of Guyana tours are designed to showcase the best of what this special country has to offer, especially its untouched wilderness and unique wildlife. Choose from one of our featured itineraries or let us custom design a tour to suit your to suit your interests, style and budget. To find out more about the type of Guyana experience we can put together for you, please download pages below.

A Taste of Guyana

A Taste of Guyana

This is the perfect extension to a South American holiday, or a jam-packed adventure for a traveller short on time. Whichever category you fall in, our ‘Taste of Guyana’ will certainly leave you hungry for more. This trip features spectacular wildlife viewing from Karanambu Lodge, cultural interaction with local villagers at Surama, a visit to impressive Kaieteur Falls and a city tour of fascinating Georgetown.

Guyana Nature Experience

Guyana Nature Experience

This comprehensive guided tour includes many of the exceptional cultural and wildlife highlights of Guyana, covering rivers, mountains, savannas and rainforest while staying in stunning eco-lodges. You can book this tour on a private basis or travel with a small group (scheduled departure).

Guyana Overview

Why Guyana: A country of exceptional natural beauty, Guyana offers pristine forest, abundant wildlife, spectacular mountains and beautiful rivers. Tourism is relatively new here, but there is a strong emphasis on eco-tourism and partnerships with indigenous Amerindian communities.

When to Go: Guyana can be visited year round; however during the two wet seasons (December-January and May-mid August) explorations of the rainforests can be severely hampered. To experience Guyana’s waterfalls at their best, visit towards the end of the wet seasons.

Combine With: Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia or Ecuador.

Getting There: Visitors flying in to Guyana arrive at Cheddi Jagan International Airport, south of the capital, Georgetown. It is also possible to cross from Boa Vista in Brazil into the Guyanese border town of Lethem.

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