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Canada offers some of the world’s best grizzly bear viewing

There are few experiences that can rival viewing bears in the wild. The province of British Columbia in Canada is home to the rare white Kermode or spirit bear, more than half of Canada’s grizzly bears as well as a quarter of Canada’s black bears, so close-up viewing is almost guaranteed!

Sit quietly up on an elevated viewing platform to witness grizzly bears pouncing on and devouring spawning salmon. Drift silently in a riverboat and listen to a black bear and her cubs munch on vegetation by the water’s edge. Or visit the Great Bear Rainforest to catch a glimpse of an elusive white Kermode bear lumbering along a mossy riverbank.

Bear viewing in BC ranges from the impromptu spotting of bears next to highways to dedicated luxury adventures into the wilderness in search of these great creatures. Our range of guided bear viewing tours are the best way to ensure a safe and successful experience of viewing bears in their natural habitat.

Bear-watching is best in spring and fall. In spring, bears emerge from hibernation and hungrily seek out fresh shoots and sedges along riverbanks and low-lying areas. Boat tours are common during these months. In fall, spawning salmon provide a feast for bears looking to fatten up before hibernation. Bears (along with eagles and wolves) line the rivers to fish for their meals so during these months, viewing platforms are more commonly used.

Accommodation in Canada

Below are some of our other recommended Canadian wilderness lodge accommodation options, carefully selected for their superior location, incredible wildlife and wilderness experiences, service and level of comfort.

Farewell Harbour Lodge

Family-run Farewell Harbour Lodge offers privileged access to the untouched temperate rainforests and rich marine life of the Broughton Archipelago.

Great Bear Lodge

Great Bear Lodge is situated in a location of outstanding beauty in British Columbia's aptly named Great Bear Rainforest.

Knight Inlet Lodge

A secluded lodge with a well-established reputation for excellent grizzly bear viewing from special tree stands or by boat depending on the season.

Sonora Resort

This Relais & Chateaux resort offers gourmet meals and a wealth of outdoor adventures in the heart of pristine wilderness without compromising at all on luxury.

Spirit Bear Lodge

Deep inside the Great Bear Rainforest, Spirit Bear Lodge provides visitors with a chance to view unique spirit bears, a rare subspecies of black bear sporting a white or cream-coloured coat.

Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

Located in the Great Bear Rainforest, award-winning Tweedsmuir Park Lodge offers sensational grizzly bear safaris

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