Gorillas and Primates Safari

For Africa’s ultimate wildlife experience, travel to the forested mountains of Rwanda or Uganda.

A mountain gorillas safari is truly one of the most treasured wildlife experiences you can have. These gentle giants are highly endangered, with just over 700 remaining in the wild. Fortunately, they are protected within national parks and some groups have been habituated to humans, making it easier to encounter these gentle giants on organised guided treks. A number of comfortable lodges are located at the edge of the national parks and are the perfect base for gorilla trekking. Permits for gorilla viewing are expensive and difficult to attain, and must be booked well in advance.

Central East Africa is also home to other intriguing primates, such as chimpanzees and a large variety of monkeys. See chimps while trekking in Rwanda’s beautiful Nyungwe Forest or while on the shores of Lake Tanganyika at exotic Greystoke Mahale Lodge in Tanzania. Our expert consultants can tailor a primate safari for you as an extension to a classic safari in the famous game parks of Kenya and Tanzania. It’s possible to fly from one destination to another, drive between them or you can do a combination of both throughout your adventure.

Suggested Gorillas & Primates Safaris

The following sample itineraries are an example of the kinds of personalised Gorilla and Primate safaris that our travel specialists can tailor design. Our team of seasoned African travellers have the knowledge and experience to help you choose the African safari that best suits your style of travel and budget.

Best of Uganda

Discover the Best of Uganda on this 8 day safari from mountain gorilla trekking to searching for the famous tree-climbing lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park.

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