Land-Based Safaris

Land-based Arctic expeditions

Experience the magic of the Arctic on a land-based expedition, travelling through stunning, wide open landscapes of ice and snow.

You’ll also discover an incredible array of life, from whales and walrus to polar bears and seals. Your journey is led by local Inuit guides, so you’ll have the opportunity to visit traditional communities as well as immerse yourself in a rich, ancient culture that has thrived in this amazing environment for centuries. Transport is by snowmobile and dogsled, with the option to kayak, hike and even dry suit dive during your trip.

Arctic Kingdom specialise in highly personalised explorations, thus group sizes are strictly limited to between 8 and 14 participants. Itineraries are flexible to make the most of climatic conditions and wildlife-viewing opportunities; as such, no two trips are ever the same. You might even find the odd world-renowned explorer or National Geographic photographer joining your departure.

Accommodation at the edge of the ice floe is in comfortable, eco-friendly camps furnished with cosy beds. Hearty meals are prepared by skilled chefs, with an emphasis on Arctic ingredients such as summer berries and caribou. You might even get the chance to drop a line through a hole in the ice and fish for your own dinner!

Safari on Ice

Inspired by African safaris, Arctic Kingdom offers unparalleled wildlife encounters in enchanting locations throughout the High Arctic. Most visitors to the polar regions of the world explore by ship. Arctic Kingdom offers the unique opportunity to traverse the surreal white landscapes on foot, by sled and snowmobile. This pioneering company also carefully designs itineraries and accommodations to ensure they put as little as possible between travellers and the surrounding wilderness.

Hot Air Ballooning in the Arctic

Summer Departures

Arctic Kingdom expeditions only depart during the Arctic summer, when daylight hours are longest and temperatures at their most tolerable. Some journeys coincide with the narwhal and beluga migration through Lancaster Sound, whilst others seek out polar bears on the hunt and walruses the size of cars. No matter which departure you choose, expect incredible wildlife, an array of immersive activities to choose from and outstanding photography opportunities under the midnight sun. Be welcomed into communities who continue to live as their ancestors have done for hundreds of years past, admire Inuit carvings and visit sites that played a key role in the golden age of polar exploration.

Safari-Style Camps

Much like tented safari camps in Africa, the camps utilised by Arctic Kingdom are all tall enough for guests to stand up in, with plenty of space for luggage and camera equipment. Enjoy proper beds, access to a shared washroom with plenty of hot water and an inviting central lounge and dining area, where meals are served. There are two categories of camp, which are covered below. Camps are set for fixed departure trips and can only be upgraded/changed on custom, private trips.

Tented Safari Camp

The Tented Safari Camp might seem basic on the outside, but guests continue to be delighted by how roomy, warm and spacious the interiors of the tents are. Designed to withstand harsh Arctic conditions, the camp features:

  • Tents with internal ceiling heights of 2m and floor space amounting to 14m²
  • Sleeping tents have two beds comprised of cots raised above the floor
  • A comfortable central dining and lounge area
  • Shared washrooms with plenty of hot water
Camping in the Arctic

Premium Safari Camp

Set on approximately 2.5 metres of solid ice, the Premium Safari Camp brings a touch of style and elegance to the Arctic. Sleek and modern, this collection of specially designed yurt-style tents feature:

  • 3m cathedral ceilings and a diameter of 4.8m
  • Insulated walls, large windows and a lockable door
  • A large, spacious dining and lounge area
  • A 24-hour snack and drink buffet
  • Shared eco-style washroom with sinks, showers and hot water
Luxury Tents in the Arctic

Land-based Expeditions

Be awed by the natural beauty of the Arctic and rich diversity of life that inhabits this great white wilderness. Featured below are some of our most popular expeditions. For the full range of Arctic Kingdom programs, please contact us.

Narwhal in the Arctic

Narwhal and Polar Bear Safari

Observe pods of the rare and elusive narwhal beneath the Midnight Sun on this exclusive fly-in safari. At the ice floe edge in the northern reaches of Baffin Island are a wealth of other amazing Arctic species, including polar bears, seals, beluga and bowhead whales.

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Polar Bear Viewing Safaris

Polar Bear Migration Fly-in Safari

Travel to one of the least visited regions of the Canadian Arctic. From the minute you step off the plane, you’ll experience awe-inspiring landscapes and encounter some of the Arctic’s most extraordinary wildlife.

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