Located high in the mountains of the eastern Himalayas, the hidden Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is a destination that even the most seasoned traveller would consider a privilege to visit.

Having only opened its doors to tourism in 1974, Bhutan has remained relatively isolated from western influences enabling it to maintain its strong Buddhist heritage and ancient traditions. Prayer flags flutter across mountains and rivers, and chortens stand at every corner. The country’s awe-inspiring snow-clad mountains, lush valleys, dense forests and rushing streams are considered to be the abodes of the gods by the nation’s people, and provide a stunning backdrop to everyday life. Bhutanese locals are friendly and united by their genuine spiritual belief. Festivals (Tsechus) are an important part of Bhutanese tradition and are held throughout the year.

This unique destination has so much to offer, with tours ranging from an 8 day introduction to a 15 day journey across the country. All itineraries are flexible and can be easily tailored to suit your personal interests. Tours are accompanied by a driver and local English-speaking guide, and you have the choice of staying in standard hotels and comfortable guesthouses or a range of luxury hotels and boutique resorts (or a mix of both!).

Bhutan Brochure