Polar Bear

Witness some of the world’s best polar bear
viewing from special tundra vehicles

On top of many travellers’ bucket lists are polar bears, and what could be better than viewing these magnificent animals in their natural environment? Viewing them at close range, perhaps! Our polar bear programs operate out of Manitoba, a vast low-lying province in central Canada, covered in prairie, forest and tundra bordering Hudson Bay. The shores of this large, brackish body of water are inhabited by many polar bears, who eagerly wait each year for the bay to freeze over so they can hunt their favourite prey – seals.

Our two long-time partners operate a number of tours from Churchill, nicknamed “The Polar Bear Capital of the World”, and offer visitors unbelievable opportunities to observe polar bears in the wild. Most of these programs depart in autumn, as the pack ice is developing. Viewing is done from specially designed tundra vehicles or while on excursions by boat, by all-terrain vehicle or on foot from a wilderness lodge, which serves as your base. If you’re travelling later in the season, there may also be the chance to view Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon that lights up winter night skies in otherworldly colours.

If you prefer warmer weather, there are also a great range of summer departures available. In July and August, guests may enjoy a chance to swim with beluga whales, walk across tundra ablaze with colourful wildflowers and take advantage of longer daylight hours to photograph unique Arctic wildlife such as foxes, hares and ptarmigan.

Polar Bear Viewing

Below are our recommended Polar Bear viewing tour operators. They have been carefully selected for their incredible immersive wildlife and wilderness experiences, service and level of comfort.

Land Based Tours

Arctic Kingdom are pioneers in land-based Arctic expeditions, combining rich Inuit culture and amazing polar wildlife with comfortable camping at the edge of the ice floe.

Polar Bears Manitoba

Churchill in Manitoba, Canada offers some of the world's best polar bear viewing experiences in both summer and winter, with travellers given the chance to travel aboard the amazing Tundra Buggy.

Accommodation in Churchill

Below are three fantastic wilderness lodges featured in our programs. They have been specially handpicked for their spectacular and remote locations, delicious meals, comfortable accommodation and wide array of wildlife-based activities.

Polar bear viewing at Churchill Wild Dymond

Dymond Lake Ecolodge

A short flight north of Churchill, this authentic eco-lodge takes a maximum of 16 guests at any one time to ensure an intimate stay. Its viewing tower provides sweeping views of the tundra and its wild inhabitants.

Polar bear viewing at Nanuk in Churchill

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge

One of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, welcoming Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is 250km southeast of Churchill and provides access to some of the phenomenal wildlife areas of Manitoba.

Polar bear viewing at Deal River in Churchill

Seal River Heritage Lodge

Another National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, rustic Seal River is 30 minutes north of Churchill by air. Guests here are regularly treated to some of the best polar bear encounters Manitoba has to offer.

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Polar Bears in Canada at Sunset

Polar Bear Viewing

Featured on these brochure pages are our full range of polar bear tours, ranging from trips out of Churchill on the custom-built Tundra Buggy® while based at a local hotel, to stays at remote wilderness lodges, from where you embark on daily explorations in search of polar bears and other Arctic wildlife.

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Polar Bear viewing from Tundra Buggies in Canada

Polar Bears of Churchill

Frontiers North combines exciting Tundra Buggies tours with local sightseeing and cultural excursions out of Churchill, Manitoba. The Tundra Buggy® is a comfortable all-terrain vehicle which permits photography and safe observation of wild polar bears at close quarters.

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Polar Bears in Summer

Belugas, Bears & Blooms

This unforgettable tour reveals the rare beauty of Churchill beneath the summer sun. Encounter beluga whales by the thousands and scour the tundra in search of polar bears, Arctic foxes and wildflowers. Learn about early explorers at the Prince of Wales Fort and ride a dog sled through boreal forest.

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Polar Bear encounter

Great Ice Bear Adventure

This action-packed itinerary departs during prime polar bear-viewing season, with travellers based for four nights at Dymond Lake Lodge at the edge of Hudson Bay. Seek out these majestic apex predators on guided walks and later, from vehicles on the tundra outside Churchill.

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Polar Bears at Hudson Bay

Hudson Bay Odyssey

Set up base at the rustic Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge, which is strategically located close to significant polar bear denning activity, so there’s a good chance of observing females and their cubs whilst on guided walks or all-terrain vehicle excursions. The area is also rich in other Arctic wildlife.

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Belugas in Canada

Birds, Bears & Belugas

Combine the thrill of encountering polar bears on foot or from a specially adapted vehicle with the excitement of swimming with friendly beluga whales in Hudson Bay. This inspiring summer program also offers a chance to see the tundra carpeted in colourful wildflowers.

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