Chile Patagonia Cruises

Cruises are one of the best ways to experience the unique and untrammelled wilderness of Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia.

The best way to experience the majestic wilderness of Chile’s remote south is by comfortable expedition cruise ship.

Follow the Chonos route across island-studded Gulf of Corcovado to see the immense San Rafael Glacier calving into the sea. Take the Kaweskar Route through a labyrinth of fjords and ice floes to visit up to 15 huge glaciers in scenery reminiscent of Antarctica. Or cruise the very tip of South America through the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, Magellan Strait and the Beagle Channel, visiting Pia Glacier and Glacier Alley.

Our cruise ships and small to medium in size, with a maximum of 64-106 passengers, ensuring an authentic encounter with the unique and untrammelled wilderness. They are the perfect size for navigating the craggy fjords and ice-floes allowing up-close viewing of the colossal glaciers. Please see below for more information on our range of ships used.

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Our Recommended

Patagonia Cruises

Patagonia Cruceros Southbound Cruise

Australis Discover Patagonia

Journey to the “End of the World”, taking in the icy beauty of Patagonia and grandeur of isolated Tierra Del Fuego. This 4 day cruise departs from Ushuaia in Argentina and rounds Cape Horn, traversing the Beagle Channel and Strait of Magellan before docking in the Chilean city of Punta Arenas. Marvel at imposing glaciers, look for seals and penguins and hike through subpolar forests of great beauty.

Patagonia Cruceros Australis Cruise

Australis Cruise Fjords of Tierra del Fuego

Explore the spectacular natural wonders of Patagonia and the Tierra del Fuego archipelago during these four day cruises departing Punta Arenas and Ushuaia. This stunning region offers a landscape dissected by fjords with many islands, channels and inlets to explore. Marvel at imposing glaciers including Marinelli Glacier and Pia Glacier, look for seals and penguins and hike through lush sub-polar Magellan Forest. Cruise on the M/V Stella Australis features first class service with 100 spacious cabins or the M/V Ventus Australis.

Patagonia Skorpios II Cruise

Skorpios II Cruise

Discover the beauty of the immense San Rafael Glacier onboard this spacious 106-passenger vessel equipped with ensuite cabins, a dining room and 2 bars. This 6 day/5 night voyage cruises from Puerto Montt through the island-studded Gulf of Corcovado to the 30,000-year old ice shelves of the San Rafael National Park, highlights include excursions amongst icebergs and the spectacle of the groaning San Rafael Glacier calving.

Patagonia Skorpios III Cruise

Skorpios III Cruise

Explore the southern hemisphere’s most spectacular collection of tidewater glaciers onboard the M/V Skorpios III on this 4 day/3 night voyage. Carrying 90 passengers, the ship features cosy suites with private facilities and spacious decks. The route takes you from historic Puerto Natales through a labyrinth of craggy fjords and ice floes to colossal glaciers including Amalia Glacier, Calvo Fjord, as well as ancient indigenous villages.


Chile Itineraries

Chile Overview

Why Chile: When it comes to awesome scenery and untouched wilderness, Chile is hard to beat. From dry deserts to lush forests, gentle lakes and glimmering icefields, this country has it all.

Culture: Chile’s rich, diverse culture is influenced as much by its indigenous and European peoples, as the varied landscape. Art, literature, folk music, dance and festivals are all central to Chilean society.

When to Go: Chile’s climate varies with latitude. The Atacama is dry and sunny, hot in summer and cold at night in winter. Central Chile has a pleasing Mediterranean climate, with warm summers and wet, mild winters. Southern Patagonia receives plenty or rain, with cool, windy summers and cold winters.

Combine With: Neighbouring Argentina, particularly when visiting the Patagonia region. Chile also combines well with Peru, where you can visit Cusco, the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu or experience the Amazon rainforest at a secluded eco-lodge.

Getting There: Qantas and LAN fly from Australia via New Zealand to Santiago.

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