Cairo and the Khan el Khalili Bazaar

Egypt’s capital Cairo is best known for its pyramids, but the city is incredibly rich in other archaeological sites, history, culture and religions.

Scattered throughout its maze of streets are ancient ruins, churches, mosques, skyscrapers, medieval monuments and bustling souks, as well as museums housing a wealth of astounding treasures.

A part of Old Cairo, Coptic Cairo is filled with Christian history from its impressive Babylon Fortress and Coptic Museum to its beautiful Coptic churches. To this day this region of Cairo remains inhabited by many Christians. Saint Virgin Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church – better known as the Hanging Church – due to its location above a gatehouse of the Babylon Fortress, is another must-see sight when exploring the area. The church features beautiful ornate walls and carved pillars.

Cairo’s storied past also extends from when the city was conquered by Muslim Arabs in the mid-6th century AD. Islamic Cairo refers to the section of the city developed during the Islamic era of Egypt, reaching its “golden age” during the 14th century. This fascinating part of Cairo consists of numerous buildings built during this era, including mosques, mansions, hammams (bath houses) and madrasas (educational institutions). The ancient Citadel of Cairo, a medieval Islamic-era fortification built by Saladin was constructed during this time and is very much the centrepiece of the area. The Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan is another major attraction whilst the Khan el Khalili Bazaar has been at the centre of trade in the city for centuries.


Why should I visit Cairo?

  • Discover Cairo’s unique history
  • Fascinating churches, monuments and ruins
  • Incredible Babylon Fortress
  • The famous Citadel of Cairo – a 14th century fortress
  • Treasure-filled museums
  • The amazing Khan el Khalili Bazaar

When Should I visit Cairo?

Cairo is a year-round destination – however it is definitely more pleasant to visit during the cooler months of October to April. Visitor numbers are higher during this time, particularly during the Christmas/New Year period.

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Egypt FAQ’s

When is the best time to visit Egypt?

Egypt is best explored during the cooler months from October to April, however you can still travel during the summer season (May to September) but temperatures are at their highest – often well over 35 degrees Celsius. The Christmas/New Year period is particularly busy and this is also the most expensive time of year to travel (booked well in advance). The best time of year to visit is from mid-to-late January through to March when the days are usually sunny, warm and crowd numbers are a little down on their peak. 

Egypt Overview

Why should I visit Egypt? 
Egypt is a destination in itself; offering travellers a mouth-watering combination of ancient history, diverse cultures, awe-inspiring architectural wonders and relaxing river cruising. This exotic destination is also perfect for sun-seekers with warm, dry days for most of the year. The scenery is unique, with the mighty Nile River creating swathes of lush greenery amid vast expanses of stark desert. 

What is the climate in Egypt?
Cairo has a milder climate than the southern part of Egypt; however temperatures between May-Oct may reach 30°-36°C. The rest of the year is warm to mild, and it can get quite cold on winter nights. Although fairly hot all year round, Luxor and Aswan experience their most extreme temperatures from June-August (30°-45°C). Nights are cool in winter and hot in summer (24°-26°C). 

What can I combine Egypt with? 
Egypt is best combined with neighbouring Jordan and Israel. Both countries compliment a visit to Egypt with further historic Middle-Eastern sights such as PetraBethlehem and Jerash. A little further afield, the United Arab Emirates and Oman are other popular destinations to visit. Alternatively Egypt can be combined with a safari in Tanzania – perfect during the months of December to March.   

How to get to Egypt? 
There are regular flights between Egypt’s capital Cairo and the Middle East as well as many major European cities. The country’s chief carrier – Egypt Air – also fly to North American cities including New York and Toronto. Egypt Air also offer internal connecting flights to major hubs including LuxorAswan and Abu Simbel.      

US – There are plenty of options to choose from when travelling between North America and Egypt. Egypt Air offer direct flights to Cairo from both Washington DC and New York. Alternatively European airlines to consider with just one stopover include British Airways, Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines.  

Europe – Egypt is easily reached with direct flights between Cairo and almost every European airlines major carrier. Alternatively Egypt Air fly to over 20 cities across Europe.    

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